Monday, 30 January 2017

Final word

The final word goes to Russ:

Date: 28/01/2017 10:11 am
Subject: SMS with Russell Lory
Final txt in from church of the good Shepard... thanks to you Dave fora great event, cheers Russ

Another GSB comes to a close

Last man standing. Russ rewarded with the best weather of the week to finish at the Church of the Good Shepherd on the shore of Lake Tekapo. Great Southern Brevet 2017 Edition is done.

Top effort, especially with only one good ankle! — at Church Of The Good Shepherd.
And the repair held! NZ baling twine has a few uses off the farm. And it is bio-degradable, so an environmentally sound repair material :-) — at Church Of The Good Shepherd.

What wind?

This short video will bring tears to the eye of many a Great Southern Brevet rider. Shot at Dog Kennel Corner, the last turn and 15 kms to go to Tekapo. Why tears you ask? Not a breath of wind! No howling gale to ride into. If only every rider got to experience it

Million dollar view

Stunning morning to be riding into Tekapo with views that are this easy on the eyes. Sefton at centre in white and the massif just poking above to the right is Mt. Cook. The Great Southern Brevet turns it up for the last rider on course.

Go Russ.

Resourceful Russ

In case you are wondering what sort of resourcefulness it takes to complete a Great Southern Brevet, check this out. Russ has done 80 kms so far on his tyre repair (over a high country pass on gravel road!)

Split tyre bead, with baling twine to hold the tyre on the rim!

Good for another 30 kms on tarmac to get to Tekapo?

The end is near

As Russ nears Tekapo a certain song comes to mind written by a fellow Canadian:

And now, the end is near
And so I face the final curtain
My friend, I'll say it clear
I'll state my case, of which I'm certain

I've lived a life that's full
I've traveled each and every highway
But more, much more than this
I did it my way

Enough of the wind alright!

Jane, Richard and Rob finally get to put their feet up after a tough last few kms into the head wind.

Another brilliant morning for the Great Southern Brevet!

Another brilliant morning in Tekapo. A few showers overnight and the 'gentle' nor'wester to keep riders honest to the end. Pascal and Dean complete the loop.

Pascal and Dean arrive to a rapturous welcome. Matt Hughes was the only one clapping so does that still qualify as rapturous? — at Church Of The Good Shepherd.

Dean just can't part with his bike after 930kms — at Church Of The Good Shepherd.

Dean sporting helmet hair for the obligatory finish line photo. — at Church Of The Good Shepherd.

Not that we would advocate you ride one of these 1000kms through the mountains.... but a vintage early 90's Giant hard-tail with v-brakes. And this is it's second complete Great Southern Brevet!!

Pascal explains how much more exciting it is descending off the Cainmuir Range with just v-brakes to slow you down! — with Michael Hoogeveen, Andrew Scott and Matt Hughes at Church Of The Good Shepherd.

And on into the night

An small interruption to the serious business of recovery for the Great Southern Brevet riders in Tekapo. Out to welcome Phil Petersen back to where it began.

Day 5 morning finishers

This mornings finishers enjoying the sunshine and relatively light wind into Tekapo. Happy to be done and very dusty.

Date: 26 January 2017 at 10:31
Subject: SMS with Andrew Scott
Tekapo 10.30 am Thurs. TOAST

Date: 26 January 2017 at 10:34
Subject: SMS with Wendy Raich
Ian has finished on his own. Shame about the drunken louts in kurow

Last nights finishers switch to waiting duty for the riders wanting to able to see where they finish (in daylight that is). — with Michael Hoogeveen and Matt Hughes at Church Of The Good Shepherd.

Ian Huntsman rolls into Tekapo to throngs of welcoming onlookers. Well OK, Matt Hughes and Michael Hoogeveen heckling from the lawn makes is more a Great Southern Brevet greeting! — at Church Of The Good Shepherd.

 Riding into Tekapo on a summers day. Finally the weather comes to the party. — with Wendy Riach, Andrew Scott and Nathan Mawkes at Church Of The Good Shepherd.

Another riders sneaks in past midnight

With excellent riding conditions last night (no wind and cool temperature of 12 degrees), and a little touch of competition, Pete rolls in just past midnight.

Date: 26 January 2017 at 08:19
Subject: SMS with Peter Maindonald
Peter M checking in from the finish, rolled in 12:15am, pushed the last 100km by Matt & Hooge. Thanks for all the effort you put into this Dave. Maybe one year we get "normal" conditions ...

Nocturnal finishers

Matt Hughes and Michael Hoogeveen decide it is all in and are off to Tekapo. A big day out with 270+ kms in total from Middelmarch to Tekapo. They arrive just shy of 1:00am.

Date: 26 January 2017 at 00:56
Subject: SMS with Michael Hoogeveen
Made it back to tekapo

Want to buy a bike? Only ridden to the pub a couple of times ;-) — with Michael Hoogeveen.

Tired? I could go another round. — with Matt Hughes.