LIVE Tracking!

LIVE Tracking will again be available for the 2019 GSB.

Each rider must carry a SPOT Tracking device for personal safety. These devices first and foremost transmit their location in case of an emergency. They are mandatory to cross private land. Our commitment to the landowner is that a mass scale search and rescue effort on their property will be avoided by riders carrying the right gear.

A bonus of using the SPOT devices is the ability to display a riders progress along the GSB 2019 route on a map for others to see. The link below displays the Live Tracking map page.

Live Tracking for the GSB 2019

If you are a rider and have a SPOT Tracker yourself, or need to hire a SPOT Tracker, please use the links below.

The first link is to register your details with the service provider and the second is to register you against the Great Southern Brevet 2019 ride. Both are needed to complete the process.

I want to register my details on Map Progress for the GSB2019

Once you have registered for an account at MAProgress then join the event using the link below:

I want to join the GSB 2019 Tracking

And don't forget there are regular updates on Facebook during the event (link below).