Monday, 15 August 2011

Less than 6 months to go!

Finally recovered from the sleep deprived month of July? Hope you enjoyed watching those late nights from that other famous cycle tour in the northern hemisphere! Watching the battles through the Hautes Pyrenees inspire you to do a little of your own hill climbing? The drama on Alpe-D'Huez made you hungry for a some mountain air?

Well it is less than 6 months to go before you will be enjoying the crisp rarefied air of the Mackenzie Country. While we cannot promise the crowds lining the route cheering, you will enjoy stunning scenery and feel the sting in your legs from cycling a multi-day tour. And the vineyards of Central Otago will have to pass for those of  the Languedoc. 600 year old Chateaus will be replaced by 150 year old miners huts and we might be able to convince a local farmer to setup a crop circle :-)

We have been fairly low key with communication up until now to save your inbox from an extra influx of email but with the big week fast approaching we will be making contact soon to start getting the details rolling.

First up is the setting up of a Google Groups email list with all those that have registered. This will be used for main notices and is also available if you wish to pose a question or observation. Emails to will go to all members of the group. If you haven't registered but still want to follow along vicariously then hit the subscribe button below:

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More updates will follow (via email and this website) in the next few weeks. One more trip down south is on the cards to finalise some route options and a much more detailed course will be put up on Google Maps. We will also look at other forms of new media to keep you informed and up to date (don't be surprised if we don't pop up on Facebook and Twitter!).

PS. As I finish typing this it has just starting snowing here in central Wellington (at sea level!). Bring on summer.