Thursday, 6 October 2011

October Update

Seems there has been some confusion over the dates for the Great Southern Brevet.

An email has been sent to all currently registered riders to clarify this ride is taking place in January 2012 and not February 2012 as rumour has it. It was scheduled in January to not clash as a courtesy and to allow some time between rides for those wishing to do both.

Please, and this is important, if you think you have registered for the February ride by emailing or visiting the website then you have not. Either of these methods mean you should be riding in January. Please email us at immediately so we can take your name off the list if you have registered for the wrong ride. With limited resources it is important we know ASAP if you have mistakenly registered.

With over 95 riders currently registered we have passed our available resources. We have not set a limit at this point as a number of riders will obviously withdraw once they realise that the Great Southern Brevet is in January in Tekapo and not in February in Blenheim. This should bring numbers in line with resources. We are still keen to accept interest (should you wish to ride in January) so visit the website or email us.

Am off to Australia for a weeks riding (and encourage a few more Australians to enter). In the meantime feel free to write us on or visit us on or on Facebook at

Enjoy your riding and hope to see you on the shores of Lake Tekapo in January 2012.