Friday, 14 December 2018

What will it be in 2019?

The Central High Country of the South Island holds plenty of surprises for the keen explorer. Remote, spectacular, and a little challenging, a ride through the historic trails and tracks of the Mackenzie Country and Central Otago have it all. And then there is the weather!

So what does the Great Southern Brevet 2019 hold in store for a fresh group of adventurers:

Will it be blue skies and 360 degree views.....

Riding above it all across the Pisa Range

Or will it be something a bit cooler but with interesting vistas all the same....

Enjoying an early morning start on another summers day

We are due for a break this time (fingers crossed) but either way the road ahead will be interesting.

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Deja Vu!

Time erases all memories?

Perhaps not in the case of the Great Southern Brevet 2017 Edition. Severe weather which included a 1 in 100 year flood (Waikaia) and epic snow on the Pisa Range, meant the 2017 edition was challenging but somewhat foreshortened.

Seems it wasn't enough to discourage some from having another go and demand is peaking for another run at the aborted 2017 Great Southern Brevet course.

The same spectacular high country scenery and challenging remote tracks await those keen riders again in 2019. The Great Southern Brevet will tempt fate to travel over the enthralling route that kicked in all off over 7 years ago.

Will fortune favour the brave? or will Central Otago's famous summer(?) weather strike again? Be in Tekapo on the 19th of January 2019 to see for yourself!
What lies ahead?