Sunday, 10 November 2013

What's the Great Southern Brevet 2014 going to be like?

Have had many questions along these lines over the past few weeks. Would guess mostly by those not sure what they will be getting themselves in for.

It will be great!

Yeah, I know too easy an answer. But really if you need an idea of what you are getting yourself into then first thing to do is read this site. Check out the Daily Txt-ins/Photos page to get a feel of what the riders experienced last time. Most of this is in their own words and their own photos.

Then check out the Leg Descriptions pages for an overview of the type of terrain and riding you can expect. And finally check out the Links page for helpful hints if it is your first big ride.

Over the next week or so the 2014 Course and Leg Descriptions will be posted. Although the scenery and riding will be fresh the idea is still the same: great riding, great country to ride through and great company.

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