Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Some changes a foot (or 'a pedal' if you prefer)

It's been a few years since I had spent any time riding in the Ahuriri Conservation Area so it required some checking out to see if was a sensible option for the Great Southern Brevet.

It's not steep yet!
Hard to show the steepness of the inclines when everything is on such a big scale like the hills in the Conservation Area.

Looks easy from this distance doesn't it?
The bike pushes are epic, 1000 vertical metres and on loose shale. With a lightly loaded bike it is still a healthy couple of hours pushing and with two 1000+ metre ascents it would make for a brutal day. Character building, but not really brevet riding. So there will be changes to the course in the next day to bring things back down to earth (or a more measurable climb!). It won't avoid the hills altogether but they should be a bit more manageable (or at least Great Southern Brevet manageable).

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