Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Great Southern Brevet timing

I began corresponding with Simon as soon as I returned from the inaugural Brevet. I was keen to use some tracks I am familiar with from many summers spent in Central Otago. Simon explained that although he was not keen to do another Brevet (at that time), John was going to run one in February 2011 and I should avoid 2011. No problem, it would give me more time to check out route options. So I moved to 2012.

The Great Southern Brevet course passes through some spectacular countryside and on more than one occasion I found myself having to stop and just soak into the truly awesome views (you will not be disappointed). It may be a little longer and have a few more climbs but that's part of a new adventure.

Given resource constraints (SPOT Trackers) we will not be able to run the Great Southern Brevet on the original planned date in February 2012. We will look to move it into the 3rd or 4th week in January 2012. Later in the year is too risky weather wise for the high tops.

So which Brevet will you choose? If you are unsure and haven't done a Brevet before then the Kiwi Brevet may be the one for you. If you have done the Kiwi Brevet and are looking for a fresh adventure then you might want to try the Great Southern Brevet.


  1. Hi,

    I see you have a lot of great open country shots, I wonder north of waikaia, whether the ride goes through the Red Beech forest? Its a great change of scenery and maybe there some others too which contrast well?

  2. Yes, the fantastic beech forest of Waikaia Bush is included in the ride and welcome respite from the exposed tops. Central Otago is characterised by wide open spaces so they are hard to avoid ;-)

  3. How do we secure a spot tracker and a place?

  4. Hi, registration of interest in the The Great Southern Brevet can be made by email to greatsouthernbrevet at gmail dot com. For now just a few details such as name, brief contact info, date of birth and brief summary of cycling experience will suffice. All information be will treated as confidential and not shared (your name only may be listed in the list of participants). Later in the year we will need further details (emergency contact, etc.) and will be in touch