Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Do we really need them?

Think of these as guidelines to make your adventure safer and more enjoyable. The Kiwi Brevet rules were loosely interpreted by many and that seems to be the kiwi way. It is the spirit of the gathering rather than strict adherence that should tell you what to do.

First up: this is NOT a race!
May not be obvious to some but the intention is for a long distance unsupported cycle adventure. Speed is up to the rider but some discouragement of sleep deprived mega-cycling efforts may be needed. This is as much for your own safety as for others with sections sharing the road with vehicles being a very real  risk.

Taking a leaf from the inaugural Brevet's book the following is a starting point (with a few minor edits):

1- Do it all yourself, under your own steam.

2- Riders must carry all their own gear (i.e. no domistiques).

3- No outside support (deliveries only to business addresses, no support from friends along the way). No posting stuff to anywhere prior to the race.

4- Follow 100% of the course. If a rider leaves the course, they must return to the course where they left it, under their own steam. If a rider takes a shortcut (or long-cut) they will incur a time penalty for the section they miss, equal to twice the slowest riding time taken for that section during this year's brevet.

5- Riders must carry a personal locator beacon, and agree to cover the cost of rescue in the event they need to be evacuated.

6 - Times under 4 days and 12 hours will be recorded as 4 days, 12 hours.

7 - Between noon one day and noon the next, every rider must spend at least one block of at least four hours not travelling. That is, the maximum time any rider may spend travelling along the course will be 20 hours (between each noon-to-noon period).   If a rider fails to take a four hour break they will incur a time penalty equal to twice the mandatory break time (penalty of eight hours for each infringement).

8 - Riders should finish in under 8 days.

9 - Drafting is OK.

10 - Follow the Road Code at all times. Many roads appear only as tracks but traffic may be encountered at any time (4WDs, farm bikes, etc.).

11- Txt-ins to be made from designated towns to a designated mobile number (resources for call-ins may not be available so txting is a practical alternative).

12- Riders arriving at Christie's Hut (head of Waikaia Bush - Whitecoomb Road) after 4pm in the day are strongly advised not to proceed up and over Old Man Range. It is an exposed section of track and the climb up is significant.

13- No entry fee; no prizes.

14 - Roady tactics are strongly discouraged. If you catch up to someone, don't blow past and leave them eating your dust (you know who you are), slow down and say hello. Remember it is NOT a race and some may need a bit of encouragement to keep their spirits up.


Non-traveling time is an issue for a few riders but the risk is very real of a sleep deprived rider  being involved in an accident. Please take this guideline seriously.

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