Thursday, 15 December 2011

GPX of GSB2012 Course now available

For those with GPS, or map packages that read GPX files, the course is now available in GPX format. This is a filtered version with the same level of details as the Google map but will save some hassle if you are not savvy with GPS conversion tools.

GPX of GSB 2012 Course

With most Garmin GPS models you copy the file into the GPX directory and under Track Manager enable "Show on Map" for each Leg and the tracks will appear when you are located near the route. You can change the colour they appear in the Track Manager settings.

GSB 2012 Track for GPS

The track has been filtered to decrease the data points. A more detailed track will be available later but for now this should allow you to explore the course. Waypoints for Txt-in and other information will be added to the final file (a bug in Mapsource means I have to do this combination by hand).

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