Monday, 12 December 2011

Txt-in Checkpoints

Did you know a Brevet is a Diploma or Certificate (should have paid more attention in high school French class?). The certificate refers to the card carried by riders which gets stamped or signed at checkpoints along the way. It is also used to refer to the event itself, that is, a certificated ride.

Now with a Kiwi twist the "certificate" will be going digital. Txt-ing in at Checkpoints will replace getting your card stamped. And they might even show up on Twitter ;-)

For those coming from overseas (not just the North Island) a SIM for your cellphone can be obtained for as little as $NZ 2 and a complete phone on Pre-Pay for $NZ 39. If your phone is unlocked then a Pre-Pay SIM is a cheap alternative to expensive roaming charges. Check out these providers:

Vodafone NZ

Telecom NZ


From checking out the course, both Vodafone and Telecom have good coverage. Telecom would have better high speed data coverage.

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