Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Rider Tracking by Trackleaders.com

You will be riding in some remote territory and also on private land in the Great Southern Brevet. It is important, both for landowners and your own personal safety, you know help is available. A SPOT Tracker will be carried by each rider to ensure this is possible.

SPOT 2S Satellite Personal GPS Messenger

Using a combination of GPS technology and satellite communications your position on the course will be relayed every 10 minutes back to our tracking partner Trackleaders.com  and displayed on the Great Southern Brevet Course Map. The SPOT unit runs on AA or AAA batteries and is a little larger than your average smartphone today. Lithium batteries are recommended and if switched off when you are not riding (you should be sleeping sometime right!) they should last 5+days (but be sure to carry a spare set of batteries).

Sample of course map on Trackleaders.com

Your progress, and your fellow riders progress, will be displayed on the Trackleaders website. The webpage is available to view any time, day or night. You won't be alone in your suffering, your mates can watch it from their desks in the city!

Haven't finalised cost of the SPOT tracker hire but it should be less than $NZ 100 for the 8 days. Good value for the piece of mind it provides.

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