Sunday, 22 January 2017

Did we say it was raining?

Rain eases as the middle of the field approach Thomsons Gorge. Another climb to just shy of 1000 metres but hey, snow is at 1300 metres so this will be like riding in summer!

 Much happier riding with the rain dialed down and the wind at your back! 

Point me in the direction of Thomsons Gorge
 Please observe the speed limit folks! No holding back a Great Southern Brevet rider when they heading for another 1000 metre climb

Nathan takes time to smile while it is all business for Pete
Linda focusing on that final few metres to the top of Thomsons Saddle. 

All down hill from here!
 The Pisa Range from Thomsons Gorge.....

Lots of white stuff!
Close up of the gap at Sallys Pinch. Riders were due to ride directly across the dip centre of photo at 1950 metres! Plenty of snow to plug through to get there and more to get down from there so the right call has been made to use the back up route.

Sallys Pinch

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