Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Time to get your SPOT on!

If you have your own SPOT Tracker or you need to hire one, it's time to register. Tracking will again be available this year so be sure to share the tracking link with friends and family so they can enjoy watching you suffer, oops, bath in the sunlight!

You will have to enter some of the details again as the service provider has a separate registration system but hopefully it is only a cut and paste. Check out the Live Tracking tab above or the links below to register.

Benmore Dam...  your target for the first day of riding

If you are a rider and have a SPOT Tracker yourself, or need to hire a SPOT Tracker, please use the links below.

The first link is to register your details with the service provider and the second is to register you against the Great Southern Brevet 2017 ride. Both are needed to complete the process.

Register my SPOT or let me hire a SPOT device

Once you have registered for an account at MAProgress then join the event using the link below:

I want to join the GSB 2017 Tracking

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