Sunday, 22 January 2017

Weather dominates Day 2

Day 2 on the Great Southern Brevet and the weather is definitely not cooperating. Persistent rain overnight hasn't eased and the wind has picked up. What little view there is doesn't bode well :-(

Yes that is white stuff on the tops, and only around 1000 metres. Looking down Broken Hut Road to the St. Bathans Range.

Matt Hughes and Michael Hoogeveen start the climb to Little Omarama Saddle. It doesn't look so bad? 
It gets worse very fast!

The view back down to Broken Hut Road, before it disappeared.

And the view on the top.....

Down in the Manuherikia. Think Ian Huntsman and Wendy Riach are less than impressed with the weather even with every bit of clothing they have on!

Nathan Mawkes drowned but smiling at Falls Dam. — with Andrew Scott.

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