Monday, 21 January 2019

And the weather?

The rain sets in for the late afternoon and the riders enjoy? a rinse after riding in 34+ degrees heat. The heavy rain means decision time for many riders as the is little shelter after Omarama.

Keith Payne taking along time to compose that text, or perhaps he is waiting for the rain to stop?

Riders meeting to decide if the rain will persist (Hint: look over your shoulder and you will have your first clue as to the change in the weather!

A full fledged rainbow as the rain finally breaks — in Omarama.

The supermarket grab! Re-stocking for the next leg before the 4Square in Omarama shuts for the evening. — in Omarama.

Rachel and Jo enjoying alfreso dining Omarama style, takeaways and a table outside the pub. Chips anyone? — in Omarama.
Anyone have one of those UCI scanners they use on the Pro Tour to check for hidden motors? Think Bill Brierley might have something under all those carbon appendages, maybe rocket to assist on those hills — in Omarama.

Bill's Rocket Ship

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