Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Replenish and restock

Civilisation again, means food again! Time to replenish the energy levels and restock with supplies

George looks shattered? And only after eating half a meat pie at the Garsten Hotel. Think it might be the heat and the wind, and a little 80 kms though the Nevis
Bill Brierley seeking a little shade after the heat of the Nevis Valley

Anyone tell me the model of rotor by the tattoo on Bill Brierley's leg? — at Garsten.

Andrew Scott shopping in Lumdsen. He is looking at the hardware section and just past the wine section. What sort of food would he be stocking up on?
Oh, that's much better Andrew Scott, Chocolate milk, a tomato and a carrot! That should be good for another 80 kms on the bike today. — in Lumsden, New Zealand.

Nathan Mawkes restocking. The basket has room for more Nathan. — with Nathan Mawkes in Lumsden, New Zealand.

Jeremy forgot his re-usable bag again.

Nathan Mawkes emptying his basket after filling it

So Andrew Scott, asks Craig, what exactly do I do with this while I am riding my bike? Apparently carrots are now the "go-to" food for endurance cycling. You learn something new everyday! — in Lumsden, New Zealand.

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