Monday, 7 January 2019

GSB2019 Course checking update

The weather has been spectacular over the Christmas/New Year break allowing for plenty of long days checking out this years Great Southern Brevet course.

The ride uses mainly gravel roads, high country tracks and cycle trails for a real off-road adventure. Along with this comes changes in surfaces brought about by wind and rain. So before setting you off into the wilderness we check that you will make it back!

Overall the course remains exciting and challenging, or this is how DOC puts one section:

Stay on Track....It is harder than it looks....You will find it challenging...

Hmmm... all good advice. And "You will protect rare plants".

Looks like the plants can protect themselves, Speargrass flourishes on the Nevis
A wet spring has seen a huge increase in the Speargrass population so it doesn't pay to stray off track. Even if you are running tubeless and sealant you may be out-numbered!

Fortunately the road is still very passable :-)

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