Tuesday, 22 January 2019

The Nevis Valley

Brilliant day for the Nevis! Touch of wind up Duffers Saddle and then down into the relative shelter of the lower Nevis Valley.

John, Dean and Pascal, time to apply more sunshine, big blue skies are the order of the day — in Nevis, New Zealand.

Hmmm.. 25 stream crossings? It will cool the feet down at least

Wide open spaces and good gravel, what more could you ask for!

I think that was stream crossing number 3, or was it number 4? Only 22, or 21 to go before the feet will get a real chance to dry out

The lower Nevis Valley gorge on a spectacular day, and cruising along on the Great Southern Brevet 2019

Morning tea break Nevis style. Enjoying a short sit down and time off the bike for our GSB 2019 riders.

And back on the road again, Richard, Alex and Di cruise past some of the many old gold sluicing sites in the Nevis.

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