Tuesday, 5 January 2016


That's the magic number at the moment. Might end up a little longer as the GPS track is an approximation but 1070 kilometers is a start. Will try and get the elevation profiles done and an indication of the total climb. As you will hit 1900 metres on two occasions it is fair to say there will be the odd climb.

That's the course pretty much done and checked and hopefully only a few minor tweaks around obstacles. The dry weather (El Nino?) has been problematic with many forestry areas out of bounds due to the high fire risk (HINT: please don't go lighting any fires in areas with total bans).

 And yes, the GSB does reach the ocean! Coastal Otago is still Otago.

Quiet seaside community of Karitane
Will be a contrast from the stark Central Otago Landscape but don't worry you will quickly be back into it after a trip over the famous (or is that infamous) Ram Rock Road.

Will be interested in what people think of the 'Eastern' GSB course. The GSB now has 3 courses which it will alternate over consecutive years. The Original 'Central' course, the more recent 'Western' course, taking in Queenstown, and the present 'Eastern' course. There is still plenty of scope to have slight variations each year but the plan is to have 3 core courses to work with which take in the best of the Central South Island bike-packing.

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