Thursday, 14 January 2016

Checking In

Txt-in Checkpoints

Did you know a Brevet is a Diploma or Certificate (should have paid more attention in high school French class?). The certificate refers to the card carried by riders which gets stamped or signed at checkpoints along the way. It is also refers to the event itself: a certificated ride.

Traditional Brevet Check Card
A Kiwi twist is the 'certificate' will be 'digital'. Txt-ing in at Checkpoints will replace getting your card stamped.

Checkpoints are listed on the Cue Sheet (in green highlight). Don't frett if you forget one, basically just txt in whenever you reach civilisation or you have a 'brevet' moment.  Feel free to send pictures as well (MMS or email).  Everything goes up on the website. There will be several posts a day during the ride. If you have friends that want to send txts of encouragement then please have them send their name and number first. The software reject anonymous txts as a security feature but once added they will be fine. The number for Txt is (+64) 27 223 4488

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