Thursday, 14 January 2016

Forestry Access

The area north of Swampy Summit and until you reach State Highway One north of Dunedin is managed forest. A permit is required when you are in the forest (waiting for it to arrive in the post).

A couple of things to note when in the forestry, most are obvious but they need spelling out so there is no grey area.
  1.  No Fires - of any kind, don't even contemplate it. If you see a fire report it immediately.
  2.  Give way to logging trucks - Yes, in this case, they do own the road. It is tricky enough maneuvering on a narrow gravel road without having to swerve suddenly for a bike. Be aware you may encounter a truck during the daytime.
  3. Forest Closure - if the fire risk gets too high the forest may be closed. An alternate route will be posted with instructions.
  4. Gates - as with farmland, leave them as you found them. If the gate is locked you may have to lift your bike over the barrier.
Don't run those brakes hot when in the forestry ;-)

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