Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Tricky Navigation

There are a few spots where navigation can be tricky and these are highlighted below. If you are using Cue Sheets only and the odd printed map then these sections would be the ones to print off:

1. Cycle Trails - in general follow the signs, but they do tend to cross roads frequently and therefore you will find yourself looking back and forth for the next sign. Not sure how they think an in-experienced rider would fend. The lower Clutha Gold Trail in particular is all over the place.

Get familiar with your Cycle Trail signs
2. Grandview Ridge - it is simple, stay on the ridgeline if at all possible until Grandview Track. The junction with Grandview Creek Track is not marked yet so it can be tricky to find (and worse in the dark!).

NOTE: if you wish to print any of the maps then just click on the image and it will expand to full size. Then right-click and select 'Save Image' to download the image. You can then use an appropriate program to print/re-size/etc.

Joining the Grandview Creek Track is unmarked at the moment

3. Pisa Range - there are dozens of tracks around the Snow Farm and even on the ridge line several other tracks. Having detailed maps with the route here will help.

Access is via Roaring Meg Stream and not the upper tracks which are out of bounds, please heed the warning signs

The three way intersection on you way down can be tricky to get right

4. Swampy Summit - Once onto the bush track you need to know when to turn down to avoid too much bike pushing

A wrong turn could be a whole lot of bike pushing :-(

Be sure to read your Cue Sheet if you do have problems and be prepared to back track if necessary. Any of these sections in the dark and it will be that much more challenging.

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