Sunday, 10 January 2016

Accomodation options

This years edition of the Great Southern Brevet offers many opportunities for spending a night or two away from the crowds. With huts located along the more remote sections you can put your feet up early and have a well earned rest amongst the best of central Otago back country.

With a easy start to the ride via the Alps to Ocean Alternate Trail many may reach the Oteake Conservation Area on the first evening. There are two huts and a conservation campsite down the Manuherikia West Branch.

The first hut in the Manuherikia West Branch is Top Hut:

Top Hut in the West Branch of the Manuherikia River
Further down the river is Boundary Creek Hut:

Boundary Creek Hut in the West Branch of the Manuherikia

And just as you leave the river heading towards St, Bathans there is the old Homestead Campsite. It is pretty basic but has a toilet and shelter.

The Manuherikia Huts are fairly low down and would be fairly comfortable at this time of year. Higher up on the Pisa Range there are two options to stay which may either provide a welcome rest before the crossing of the range, or respite from the weather if you have to wait for bad weather to subside.

Meadow Hut on the Waiorau Snow Farm

Meadow Hut interior

Closer to the top of the Pisa Range is Kirtle Burn Hut:

Kirtle Burn Hut on the Pisa Range

Kirtle Burn Hut interior

Early on up on the Old Woman Range is the Old Woman Hut:

Old Woman Hut

Old Woman Hut interior

Plenty of scope for a comfortable night in the hills!

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