Friday, 29 January 2016

It's a wrap for 2016

The Great Southern Brevet 2016 is over and dots are all back at Tekapo

Tracking dots re-converge on Tekapo at the end of the Great Southern Brevet 2016

 Arguably the toughest GSB to date with a few notable firsts:

  • shortest notice - it almost never happened but for the persistence of Matt (hint, you can blame him for the pain!)
  • longest course - seems the consensus was 1150 kms total. A tad over the predicted 1079 kms.
  • finishing times - pretty much 24 hours greater across the board, the tough course, the weather and the extra distance? 
  • finishers - just on half of the starters completed the full course. I blame the weather!  However all finished 24 hours earlier than previous GSB. 
  • toughest course - maybe, OK, yes but the weather was also the worst yet and riding such challenging terrain with the heavy weather doesn't help
  • worse leg - not sure this is a fair call: Grandview Ridge. Some enjoyed the old-school mountainbiking and on a good day the views are definitely grand!

There were some impressive efforts among the field with several rookies showing serious fortitude to complete the course. Stephanie and Aliesha's efforts stand out. Reckon the boys would still be out there if Aliesha hadn't dragged them back to Tekapo and Stephanie conquered long stretches on her own to grab a satisfying finish in Tekapo.

The young guns ranged in preparedness and equipment but did a fine job with Phil and Max and co finishing well. Of course Pascal's effort goes without saying as insanely tough riding. On a borrowed bike from the 90's with v-brakes and flat pedals!

1150 kms on sandshoes and with v-brakes!
So having failed miserably at making the GSB easier for 2016 there is a silver lining.

The 2014 edition of the GSB was harder than the 2012. And the 2016 edition harder than 2014. So with the course for 2018 reverting to the original 2012 course it will be the easiest next time round! Of course a few of you may wish to wait a few months before thinking about another brevet ;-)  And to those who just don't learn the Tour will provide that sought after dose of pain.

Till next time enjoy your riding.

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