Friday, 15 January 2016

Roxburgh Gorge Water Transport

Just waiting on reply from the Jet boat company so check back here later today.

With almost 50 fully loaded bike packing bikes showing up over a couple of days you can imagine their regular scheduled services will not accommodate everyone without some big waiting time. Hope to have extra on-demand runs and runs later in the day as well. Please be patient while things get arranged.

OK, think we have worked things out. As you can appreciate if we all knew exactly when we were due to arrive in Alex and when to book the boat in advance it would be much easier. However not knowing how long the climb up the Pisa Range will take each of you ;-) makes booking in advance tricky.

Have spoken to Beaumount Jet, they are one of two approved providers to the Roxburgh Gorge Cycle Trail of water transport services. They have offered a better price based on riders grouping together and they have also offered a later service (5:30 pm each day if needed). It is a good compromise given the fluid nature of your arrival times.

Beaumont Jet in the Roxburgh Gorge
 So how it works:

  • Please ring Beaumount Jet ( call Ali on 027 784 5649) when you reach the Obelisk on the Old Man Range. This will give them at least 2 hours notice (perhaps more). They will let you know if there are other riders booked near your time. The ride from Alex to the boat is about 40 minutes so take that into account plus your shopping/replenishment time in Alex.
  • Transport will be on demand for GSB riders but they need a minimum number to offer the discounted rate so please attempt to coordinate with other riders you see in town (or check the tracking website). You may have to wait for an hour or two if there are several other riders approaching Alex.
  • The rate is $80 and payable in cash at the boat. Please ensure you get cash in Alex! This rate will run up till the last sailing at 5:30 pm each day. If you want a later sailing then that is possible but you will have to pay the higher rate.
  • If you have already booked on Clutha River Cruises (the other provider) that is fine. Their rate will apply.
This is a good compromise as the last trip is usually early afternoon and the normal rate is $95. Please support this business as they will go out of their way to help GSB riders.

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