Tuesday, 31 January 2012

A BIG Thank You!

Well the week was certainly eventful. Hopefully those riding enjoyed some great rides and some great hospitality and company. And hopefully for those watching at home (or work!), it was entertaining and maybe inspiring (get out and ride ;-)

As ride organiser I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to those brave people that showed up in Tekapo on the 21st. Most knew nothing of the eccentric behind the scheme. It was a serious leap of faith to front up to a unknown ride with an unknown organiser. But they brought along the important things needed, a sense of adventure and a willingness to tackle each day as it comes (and of course a bike :-)

And THANK YOU  to anyone that encouraged, or possibly cajoled, a rider to come along. You now have to listen to their stories for the next month! 

And to those closet Brevet riders.... you can do it! You may not want to scale mountains in a blizzard (Ian?) but there is still plenty of great riding to be had right here at home.

Tekapo returns to normal (yes, including the tour buses)

Will tidy up the website over the next day or so that reading the day by day account it a little easier with direct links.


  1. Thanks to you David for one hell of an event. Living in Alexandra meant I had done a few of the tracks but the opportunity to put it all together and crank it out over the week was priceless.

  2. Well firstly, the event wouldn't have happened without you. The details leading up the event were excellent and the obvious time you spent out there on the course gave everyone much confidence that it was safe AND possible :-) Yes it was a tough course at times but everyone can take there own time and rest/eat/sleep when they need/want. It's very achievable for anyone with a sound bike, some fitness and a thirst for adventure and the outdoors. Top marks for a great happening.
    Ian Edmond.