Sunday, 15 January 2012

Environmental and Farm Care Ethic

As the Great Southern Brevet takes you through some unique areas of the country it is important to remember that some of these areas deserve respect so that others can enjoy them in the future. Although nothing more than common sense it is timely to remind riders that as a minimum riders should abide by the following environmental and farm care ethic. This ensures the environment is protected and also access is maintained for other users.

·         Respect farm stock, fences and other facilities, and the right of landowners to operate their business and lifestyle. Respect the privacy and security of houses and property

·         Leave gates as found. If you open a gate, you must close it securely. Do not rely on any other people to close it.

·         Cross fences at a strainer post, or climb through. Climb gates at the hinge end.

·         Report any damage, or distress to stock as soon as possible to the station holder. Do not spook or cramp stock into fence corners.

·         Remove rubbish – more importantly, don’t create it in the first place

·         Bury toilet waste - better still, don’t create it in the field. Use toilets provided where possible.

·         Keep streams clean. Protect plants and animals

Access is not always a given

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