Wednesday, 25 January 2012


What? Not more french malarkey.

The Great Southern Brevet course may appear haphazard, or as Ollie calls it "an amoeba", but there was reason to the rhyme. The keen amongst you would notice that the course comes close to looping onto itself in several places. This feature was to allow "shortcuts" for those not wanting to endure post herculean efforts.

The idea was that you could still experience a lot of what the Great Southern Brevet offers even if your legs, back, hands, (insert appropriate body part here), failed you. You planned on a week of cycle touring so why not have a week of cycle touring.

You may have seen on some riders have turned "amber" colour. This denotes they are continuing with their cycle tour but are dropping a part of the course. There is still lots to see, and ride, even if you drop off a leg or two (Brevet leg, not your real legs!).

The Demi-Brevet, or loosely translated part-brevet, was meant to be a part of the Great Southern Brevet from the start. It was designed to allow those not quite sure of the full effort to start and still complete some of the course instead of having to bail out and go home early.

Unfortunately the logistics of getting enough trackers meant the idea was put aside. However a few riders are enjoying their Demi-Brevet this week and I hope they the find it rewarding.

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