Thursday, 26 January 2012

Day 6 Midday Photos

Cloud cover hasn't burned off today as expected so good riding conditions in the cooler temperatures.

Oops, spoke to soon. Clouds not gone as the wind has picked up with a beaut norwester screaming across the Maniototo Plain. Eye watering head wind into Ranfurly :-(

PLEASE NOTE: my apologies to Dietitians NZ for the first photo, I believe it exceeds recommended daily intake for saturated fats!

Craig and Geof go for the rugged, weathered look

High streamlined clouds, pretty? Not if you have to ride into the headwind

Wise Rail Trail rider walks across the Horseburn Bridge
What is looks like on paper

What it looks like in real life, too vast for the photo

Demi-Brevet riders Shelley and Dirk cruise Bute Street, Ranfurly

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