Wednesday, 25 January 2012

First Rider Completes Great Southern Brevet 2012

Busy day yesterday and good weather saw the field make good ground on the crux of the ride, The Old Man Range. Things get considerably easier with good roads and smaller climbs from there to Tekapo. Riders will be able to sit back and enjoy the view ;-)

But the big news is Ian Edmonds has reached Tekapo. Ian checked in at just after 7 am this morning.

I would show you a picture of Ian but never managed to catch up with him! His large gap on the field made it a logistical challenge. Plan was to head to Naseby today to catch him. He obviously wasn't aware of the plan and rode on.

Although it is the 5th calendar day the ride has been running it equates to the 4th elapsed day of the ride. Riders started 11:00 am on Saturday making 11:00 Sunday 1 elapsed day. The math adds up to 3 days and 20 hours and 19 minutes (using time of received Txt).

3 days - 20 hours - 19 minutes Elapsed Ride time for Ian Edmonds

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