Sunday, 22 January 2012

Day 1 Rider Txt Messages

GSB2012 Riders Txt-in from Checkpoints along the course. These are Day 1 of the GSB2012 Txt messages.

Riders rode well into the night! Appears to be a theme around "bumpy"? What about the unique South Island scenery?

Checkpoint 1 - Otematata

SMS with Ian Edmond
21 January 2012 16:20 
Ian Edmond Otematata 

SMS with Mark Rayward
21 January 2012 16:21 
All good 

SMS with Oliver Whalley
21 January 2012 16:37 
Made it through tekapo death boulder road and some gnarly climbs and descents to ot something. Ian is pinning! 

SMS with Craig Phillips
21 January 2012 16:55 
In otemetata suckingh down cold drinks. Had a jackhammer on my tail for first 20 ks, ouch 

SMS with Geof Blance
21 January 2012 17:04 

SMS with Rob Davidson
21 January 2012 17:21 
Easy day my arse!
River rock track hurt..
Hills bit hard..
Did it..
Loved it:-)

SMS with Arran Pearson
21 January 2012 17:58 
If that was the easy day then I could be in trouble!

SMS with Greg Thurlow
21 January 2012 17:59 
Party at otematata.just made shop b4 6.stu (dead phone) and Greg

SMS with Chaplow Paul
21 January 2012 18:02 
Trev, Barryn, Paul enjoying ice blocks at otematata :) so far two flats including a torn side wall. Otherwise all well. Paul

SMS with Gary Mckenzie
21 January 2012 18:04 
Call in 1.just made it before shop closed 

SMS with Geoff Tilbrook
21 January 2012 18:05 
Great conditions for 100k warmup. Off to omarama now. 

SMS with Tristan Rawlence
21 January 2012 18:06 
In otemata carrying on to omarama for tea. Cheers Tristan and Anja 
SMS with jasper van der lingen
21 January 2012 18:10 
Otematata shaken, stirred and buggered.  Jasper 

SMS with Mark Wallace
21 January 2012 18:14 
Otematata. A hundy down. About a thousand to go 

SMS with Oliver Whalley
21 January 2012 18:17 
Omarama. Heck yeah! Hoeing into a giant burger. Head wind was more fun than cancer. 

SMS with Ken Scott
21 January 2012 18:21 
All good.Have cut in tyre but ok 

SMS with Nic Kelly
21 January 2012 18:29 
Hmm. . . Head wind now.

SMS with Daniel Roberts
21 January 2012 18:47 
Hmmm - not the greatest start. In Otematata heading Omarama for night. Starving! 

SMS with Phil Chapman
21 January 2012 18:55 
Tougher day than expected but holding up pretty good 

SMS with James Hardisty
21 January 2012 19:00 
Made it through first leg 

SMS with Roy Johnston
21 January 2012 19:01 
In otematata. 

SMS with Neil Charters
21 January 2012 19:18 
One leg down, two in pain! So much for am easy day. Awesome views of cook etc were a good distraction though. Off to omarama after a feed. Cheers 

SMS with Graeme Noble
21 January 2012 19:32 
A good days work to start the ride :-) Bit of a norwest in otematata at the moment. Course is that direction :-( 

SMS with Paul and Diana Conner
21 January 2012 19:43 
What a start. Arriving  into the town I was born in has never been like that before. Appears that most of the riders must have just turned right and carried on, missing the bright lights of Otematata!
My father worked on the dam and he and a mate drove a Austin Gypsy over the black forest road in 1961

SMS with Dirk Naish
21 January 2012 19:49 
At otematata. Hard first day

SMS with gordon macdonald
21 January 2012 20:23 
Camping at sailors cutting, been a biggish day!

SMS with Barryn Westfield
21 January 2012 20:25 
C c c ricky t t th at w as a b b b b b bumpy first  f f f orty k...... Recovering in Omarama

SMS with Trevor Woodward
21 January 2012 20:31 
Omarama looking forward to some deep fried goodness! 

SMS with Stewart Thomas
21 January 2012 20:54 
Check pt 1  complete  resting in  big o  .  Hot  and  windy. 

SMS with Phillip Pickering
21 January 2012 21:29 
Cheers Dave 

SMS with Hugh Calder
21 January 2012 21:34 
The  picnic pace peddlers have arrived at Otematata. Time for another cucumber sandwich

SMS with Sandra Appleby
21 January 2012 21:38 
Gravel road was a delight, thanks Dave. We're workin toward the record 4 the slowest team! 

SMS with Mary McBride
21 January 2012 21:44 
Man.  Might have to re-appraise the gear!  what a day! 

SMS with jenny cossey
21 January 2012 20:52 
Otemata camp ground 

SMS with Claude Dabaliz
21 January 2012 20:44 
Sitting down to a "Benmore Beast"(huge steak) at the Otematata Pub 

SMS with Shelley Friedrich
21 January 2012 22:16 
Easy? Really? 

SMS with Ian Edmond
21 January 2012 23:03 
Ian Edmond Oturehua 

SMS with Mark Rayward
21 January 2012 23:14 
Mark here. All good. Sleep here 

SMS with Chris Manson
22 January 2012 01:25 
Hi Dave, have arrived in Otematata at 0:44 after gear problems, body needing stops and food and the dark meant I walked up and down those nasty shingle farm access 'roads' - Chris Manson:-) 

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