Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Leg 5 Cromwell to Garsten Description

After gorging on fresh cherries and stone fruit in Cromwell you get to do the infamous Pub to Pub Bannockburn Gutbuster, in reverse!

The fruit really is this big in Cromwell!

A brief ride alongside the Lake and then cruise past the Bannockburn Pub and start your climb to Duffers Saddle on the Old Woman Range (1300m) for some spectacular views over Cromwell and Lake Dunstan. A screaming descent into the Nevis for a cruise along the remote Nevis Valley.

The Nevis
A few (24+) stream crossings later and an ascent of the Hector Mountains for another screaming descent out to State Highway 6 and Garsten (population 12 and a dog?).

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