Monday, 23 January 2012

The "I shouldn't have gotten out of bed" story of the day

Rob Davidson was so keen to ride Little Omarama Saddle he camped at the base of the climb at the end of Day 1 of the Great Southern Brevet 2012.

Up before the sparrows he pushed up the climb to reach the saddle as the sun broke. Stopping to check his GPS to make sure he didn't head off down Saddle Ridge instead of Camp Creek he found it not mounted on his handle bar!

SHOCK, HORROR, it's back at his overnight campsite at the bottom of the hill. Now your average rider would have quickly weighed up the price of the GPS versus doing the punishing climb again and.... ....well would have kept on riding ;-)

Rob duly headed back down the hill. Halway down he comes across another rider heading up to the saddle. The rider asks "what are you doing?" Rob replies "left my GPS down bottom so going to get it" to which the first rider replies "no, i mean why are you taking all your gear with you just to have to carry back up again!" Rob dumped his stuff halfway down the climb.

Even after 2 climbs of Little Omarama Saddle he was in good spirits!

Rob enjoying the Central Otago Rail Trail (for being flat!)

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