Thursday, 12 January 2012

Course done!! Important, please read.

Yes, a few tweaks needed at the last minute but it now has one less climb and is shorter!

So the main causality is Berwen Track and the top of the Mt Ida Water Race. Land permission was problematic so you miss out on a bike push :-(  But rest assured you will still get to ride the famous Mt Ida Water Race.

The downside, well you will have to get your feet wet. Berwen was the dry option and the East Manuherikia River comes with a few crossings unfortunately. The temperature in Alexandra yesterday was 32 so drying your shoes shouldn't be a problem ;-)


Next change is minor but leaving Cromwell you will head to McNultys Inlet and then follow the lake edge track till it joins the Cromwell Bannockburn Track. It can be sandy in places but otherwise a nice scenic ride.

And that's it! No more changes ;-) Have updated the Navigation Tips and the Leg Description. Will update the course maps and GPX file soon.

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