Thursday, 26 January 2012

Rider Profile - Jasper van der Lingen

Jasper "the machine" van der Lingen is "singularly" unique amongst Great Southern Brevet Riders in 2012. Yes, pun intended. Jasper is riding a SINGLE SPEED rigid bike.

Now when you read the Txt Updates and see the "odd" mention of a hill think again about Jasper.

To go along with his "single" mindedness Jasper's bike is a custom, hand-built rigid titanium from Black Sheep in Colorado. Not just a bike but a work of art, it sports curves a plenty with not a single straight tube in sight.

Jasper is running 34 x 22 with 29 inch wheels. My back of napkin calculation puts that at 291,667 revolutions to reach Tekapo again!

Now where is that extra sprocket I put in here?

Those legs bely the work they have done to get to Middlemarch

Jasper's patented, zero emission, Chamois Dryer!

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