Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Check-in Locations

These are on the Cue Sheet but here in their own list if you want to mark them on your maps (they are in the GPX file as waypoints with the phone number in the notes).

Great Southern Brevet 2014 Cue Sheet
18 to 26 January 2014 Lake Tekapo, New Zealand
LegTotalTurn into: Road NameComment
178.9Arrive TwizelTxt-in 1
3236.2Arrive St BathansTxt-in 2
4365.2Arrive WanakaTxt-in 3
5454.6Arrive QueenstownTxt-in 4
6566.6Arrive MossburnTxt-in 5
8717.5Arrive AlexandraTxt-in 6
10873.1Arrive RanfurlyTxt-in 7
11978.1Arrive KurowTxt-in 8
121084.1Church of the Good ShepherdTxt-in 9
121084.1Lake TekapoYou've Done It!

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