Monday, 13 January 2014

Checking in!

Did you know a Brevet is a Diploma or Certificate (remember that from your high school French?). The certificate refers to the card carried by riders which gets stamped or signed at checkpoints along the way (pubs, hotels, etc.). It is also used to refer to the event itself, that is, a certificated ride.

The Great Southern Brevet "certificate" is digital. By sending a Txt from each checkpoint along the route we can follow your progress. No need to get your card stamped.

Twitter versus Texting?

Twitter was looked at as an option for checking in but has a few limitations when compared with texting.

With most modern smartphones there are no limits on message length (twitter is limited to 140 characters). You can be as verbose as you feel and really let us know how you are enjoying it (or not!).

Most cell phones plans have unlimited texting included so cost is minimal.

We can easily identify you from a text message but Twitter is largely anonymous We need to know who you are and it also makes it easy for your friends experiencing your ride vicariously on the end of an internet connection as well.

For those coming from overseas (not just the North Island) a SIM for your cellphone can be obtained for as little as $NZ 2 and a complete phone on Pre-Pay for $NZ 29.
If your phone is unlocked then a Pre-Pay SIM is a cheap alternative to expensive roaming charges. Check out these providers:

Vodafone New Zealand

Telecom New Zealand

2 Degrees
From checking out the course, both Vodafone and Telecom have good coverage. Telecom would have better high speed data coverage.

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