Friday, 3 January 2014

The Little Ride that Could

"I think I can, I think I can..."

Well it has been a roller coaster week but it is much improved. Lessons have been learned and faith in the good nature of people restored. In my line of work (yes, I have a day job which is not thinking about ridiculously long bike rides in ridiculous terrain) it would be called "failing forward".

The Great Southern Brevet is not a commercial enterprise with a team of planners operating out of an office in Queenstown or Wanaka with a big budget. It is a nod to something that may have had it's time, when people just got outdoors and enjoyed the best New Zealand has to offer without liability insurance, fire levies, etc.

This is not to say it disregards safety, just it favours simplicity over complex structure. Everyone should understand their obligations to treat the land with the care and respect it deserves whether public or private.

"Care and proper planning must be used at all times, if time permits"

Another quote from my day job which reflects the trade off of getting things done versus thinking about doing something. Got the balance wrong this time so will be more work next time but for now it is all go.

The route has changed a little as it was ambitious and the complex chain of landowners untangled. The map will be back up online over the weekend and am working on the GPX for those wanting a download.

Entries have well and truly exceeded what can be handled so the Registration Form has been taken down. Another issue needing work as what was a low key informal ride is getting a bit big. Have a few emails to answer and will try and work with those who are still keen. If you have any changes in your plans then please let us know as it will allow us to accommodate others.

Thanks again for encouragement and support.

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