Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Using SPOT Trackers - IMPORTANT

A couple of very important notes about using SPOT Trackers:

1. They must be turned off once a day!
  • The tracking has a maximum period of 24 hours. By turning it off and back on (and hitting the tracking button), you restart the 24 hour period.
2. They must have good line of sight of the sky!
  • Buried at the bottom of your pack won't work. Cable tied to your helmet (the GEN3 is 100g) or shoulder strap is best. Will bring some cable ties to attach them. You just need to remember to check them and to turn tracking on.
3. Push and hold the buttons for at least 3 seconds!
  • When it lights green you can let go. The lights will flash once a second from then on.
  • A red light on power means batteries are running out, on GPS there is no clear view of sky and on the message light, the message failed.
4. It is not instant!
  • A full message cycle can take over 10 minutes so start riding and check everything is green after 30 minutes. 
5. Don't forget to pay if you are hiring ;-)

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