Wednesday, 22 January 2014

GSB 2014 Day 5 Photos

A cool but brilliant dawn over Southland for the 17 hearty souls in the Ski Hut above Garsten (should be 18 but the author slept outside as not quite as comfortable with the odour as the riders are after 4 days ;-).

3 riders had taken a wrong turn the previous day so went to check out what was up. Hawksburn Road is well marked. There is a power line access road (un-named) which heads left 10 kms in on Hawksburn Road. The Cue Sheet did have a left at Earnscleugh Road a further 13 kms on. The power line road is used for a popular MTB Race held each year in December (The Bannockburn Classic). Could be a tired rider follows a familiar route?

Sun not quite hitting the Eyre Mountains opposite

And now just striking the tops

Being from Dunedin most of their riding is done out of the sun anyway

The view back down to Schoolhouse Flat in the Nevis , some 600m below ;-)

I have just told them they have 300 m still to climb, why are they smiling?

Looking back to Cromwell (the Nevis Road at the right)

No problem here

The offending turn, straight is Hawksburn Road and left is un-named power line service road

Another hill, another smile!

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