Friday, 10 January 2014

Course GPX, Cue Sheet, Start Info and Location

Hello All,

I realise the information has been coming a bit late but things are approaching controlled chaos so thank you for bearing with us.

Detailed information should be available later Sunday. The course GPX (and instructions to load if you are having problems). The start time and location (looks like we are OK for 11:00 am as Twizel and Omarama are within easy reach) will be there as well.

The Cue sheet will take a day or two longer and hope to get those leg descriptions up.

I will post maps sections of the tricky parts if I can get the LINZ data loaded properly. With the exception of a few of the most remote tracks the navigation should be pretty good as you will follow well publicised trails such as the Alps 2 Ocean and Round the Mountain. The Crown Range and Knobby Range may require some care in navigating but both are good trails with just a tricky turn or two to throw you off.

The SPOT Hire info will also be up. It is a simple form as we have most of your details already but it will include details on where to deposit the hire fee.

And finally.......

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