Wednesday, 22 January 2014

GSB 2014 Day 5 Txts

Another stunning Central Otago day (or a pretty damn good day if you were still in Southland!)

It dawned cool and with mist in the valleys but the sun burned everything off in short order. For those who did the inaugural Great Southern Brevet the Nevis was a cold and wet place but today is was warm and inviting (if you can forget the 2 x 700m + climbs).

Txts getting more animated. Reckon some are finally softening to the Great Southern Brevet ;-)

Date: 21 January 2014 09:59
Subject: SMS with kevin mojo moginie

Hi Kevin Moginie alive in moss urn. Actually starting to warm up to sitting on bike for 12 hours a day

Date: 21 January 2014 10:02
Subject: SMS with Peter Pedro Keller

Pedro in Mossburn

Date: 21 January 2014 23:28
Subject: SMS with Rob Davidson

Picked up a jacket on the trail... Anyone missing one? Looks like could be Steve's..

Date: 2014/1/22
Subject: SMS with Matty Graham

Kurow. Matty.

Date: 22 January 2014 02:01
Subject: SMS with kevin mojo moginie

Hi Kevin ,Marcus and Peter eventually arrived in Alex at 1am after following some sadistic course designers devious routing. I am sure great views but at midnight with headlamps approaching the luminosity of a faraway star it provided  extra challenge. Great day at the office. Premo vistas and weather but don't drink the water at gara ten!

Date: 22 January 2014 06:47
Subject: SMS with Debbie Chambers

In Alex big day ahead - lovely day

Date: 22 January 2014 06:48
Subject: SMS with Julian Jules Morton

In alex. Great to meet bernie tony and bree.

Date: 22 January 2014 07:38
Subject: SMS with Neil Locke

Arrived in Arrowtown yesterday and am txting in to say I'm pulling out.  Thanks for organizing a great event this year!

Date: 22 January 2014 08:37
Subject: SMS with Keith Payne

Keith payne in queenstown

Date: 2014/1/22
Subject: SMS with Bruno Geldermans

Debbie Emma and Julian on the top of the Knobbly Range … wahooo

Date: 22 January 2014 09:53
Subject: SMS with Brian Alder

Kurow. Hope the nor  west holds off a bit . Brian

Date: 22 January 2014 10:10
Subject: SMS with Anja McDonald

Tristan and Anja, just arrived in kurow. It was bliss riding  over danseys at sunrise. Fueling up and cracking on to tekapo. Yeah!

Date: 22 January 2014 10:31
Subject: SMS with Geof Blance

At Ranfurly.. Geof

Date: 22 January 2014 10:52
Subject: SMS with Michael Michi Speck

Michi roxborough, how fast was that downhill

Date: 22 January 2014 10:53
Subject: SMS with Craig Phillips

Birthday brekky in Kurow with the posse.Tekapo this avo!

Date: 22 January 2014 11:04
Subject: SMS with Steve Gwilliam

At alex. Buggered

Date: 22 January 2014 11:07
Subject: SMS with Rob Harrow

Hi dave if you get near a bike shop. Jasper is in need of a 27.2 seat post.!
Single speed and short seat height.
They'll be coming into phone range shortly.

Date: 22 January 2014 11:23
Subject: SMS with Andrew Bichan

Andrew B checking in from Alex. I hate bivvy bags.

Date: 22 January 2014 11:49
Subject: SMS with Stuart Banks

SB in Mossburn.
Date: 22 January 2014 11:54
Subject: SMS with Jonathon Jarrett

Jon and Mel Jarratt and Donna Brown checking in from Mossburn. Nice tailwind so far today

Date: 22 January 2014 12:29
Subject: SMS with Oliver Ollie Hutchison

Checking in. There's a pretty impressive battle going on in the main street of Ranfurly! One man verses his legs...

Date: 22 January 2014 13:10
Subject: SMS with Matty Graham

Back where it all started. Tekpo! Matty

Date: 22 January 2014 13:16
Subject: SMS with Marcus Smokey Peters

Marcus in Roxburgh. totaly cooked after 19 hours riding yesterday and the same today

Date: 22 January 2014 14:12
Subject: SMS with Michael Hoogeveen

Alex check in

Date: 22 January 2014 14:25
Subject: SMS with Hamish Pedersen

Text in
Feel the burn
Harness the pain
Ride the lightning

Date: 22 January 2014 14:34
Subject: SMS with Dave Cooper

Checking in at Alex.

Date: 22 January 2014 14:45
Subject: SMS with Thomas Cube2 Ekholm

Julie and Thomas. Akex'  Imbibing calories. Nice camp out in Nevis. Hawkdun descent gr8. Replacing brake pads b4 moving on.

Date: 22 January 2014 14:47
Subject: SMS with Matthew Hughes

Alex done!

Date: 22 January 2014 14:55
Subject: SMS with Paul Chaplow

In alex. Tired, great to have clear skies through nevis this time. Paul & Lisa

Date: 22 January 2014 15:13
Subject: SMS with Cliff Clermont

Cliff C. In Randurly.  Wind.  Colleen I sang today!  Bates you took off your shoes for the 100th time!

Date: 22 January 2014 16:20
Subject: SMS with Andy Jones

In Alex. Pondering next move

Date: 22 January 2014 16:22
Subject: SMS with Jason Brown

Check in Alexandra. Nice ride over the Nevis

Date: 22 January 2014 16:42
Subject: SMS with Michael Greaves

Alex check. Michael Greaves

Date: 22 January 2014 16:47
Subject: SMS with Stewart Thomas

At Alex grrrr. Getting there slowly

Date: 22 January 2014 16:47
Subject: SMS with Greg Thurlow

Alex.great morning and downhill.siesta.tactical ploy to attack the hill when it's cooler...on to roxburgh

Date: 22 January 2014 16:59
Subject: SMS with Justin Maxwell

First semi real food for twenty four hours.

Date: 22 January 2014 17:03
Subject: SMS with Steve Gwilliam

At rox staying the note here to recover from last nights silly ness

Date: 22 January 2014 17:13
Subject: SMS with Wendy Raich

Ian and wendy checking in from Alexandra. That was a long hard section. Now to look at the maps and decide what next.

Date: 22 January 2014 17:28
Subject: SMS with Jasper van der Lingen

Jasper and Dan in Alex. Interesting day riding through the Nevis and all the way to Alex with a broken seatpost!

Date: 22 January 2014 17:29
Subject: SMS with stephen stealth mode butterworth

Ranfurly that was dirty kanza

Date: 22 January 2014 17:38
Subject: SMS with Dan van Asch

Dan and Jasper in Alexandra for the night. Back of the pack racing standing order # 13. In case of the inevitable gear failure, a resourceful Crew Chief is an essential member of the team!!

Date: 22 January 2014 18:16
Subject: SMS with Glenn Heenan

In Alex. Going to stay the night and have a big day tmrw.

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