Monday, 20 January 2014

GSB 2014 Day 3 Early Txts

Early? or quite late depending on how your clock works. A few rode well into the wee hours at arrive at Queenstown.

A bit of understatement creeping in the txt messages: tired? after 200kms of riding and crossing several mountain ranges!

Date: 19 January 2014 23:53
Subject: SMS with Oliver Ollie Hutchison

Checking in. G'day from Wanaka. Great night ride in from Hawea long old day though. Cheers Ollie

Date: 20 January 2014 00:17
Subject: SMS with Julian Jules Morton

In wanaka. Wind was scary and today was the toughest day ever for me.

Date: 20 January 2014 00:28
Subject: SMS with David Butler

Wanaka check in.

Date: 20 January 2014 00:57
Subject: SMS with Cliff Clermont

Cliff C. In QT!  Six arrive together. Epically Insane day!

Date: 20 January 2014 00:58
Subject: SMS with Tristan Rawlence

Queenstown. Tristan and Anja made it. Quite tired.

Date: 20 January 2014 00:59
Subject: SMS with Craig Phillips

Queenstown at last, time to party  :-)

Date: 20 January 2014 01:02
Subject: SMS with Geof Blance

Anja Tristan and Geof in queenstown.  Not sure my spot is going... Geof

Date: 20 January 2014 01:03
Subject: SMS with Brian Alder

At qtn. Bars are packed . Heading for bed

Date: 20 January 2014 06:50
Subject: SMS with Ken Scotty Scott

Just leaving Wanaka

Date: 20 January 2014 07:03
Subject: SMS with Michael Michi Speck

Michi has made it to wanaka:-)

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