Thursday, 23 January 2014

GSB 2014 Day 6 Early Txts

Some trepidation in the early comments today as it dawned overcast and cooler than the last 5 days. A sprinkling of snow overnight on the Old Man Range above Alexandra probably has more to do with it than the cloud cover which is now starting to break up with patches of blue sky appearing.

Forecast is good so hopefully it is just cool early morning riding conditions. Suspect later txts will be more about the headwind and the heat.

More finishers in Tekapo overnight (and late into the night).

Date: 22 January 2014 23:57
Subject: SMS with Wendy Raich

Ian and wendy checking in from roxburgh. Very tired in Alexandra. Big feed and rest and then one of the best rides so far through the knobby range. Excellent sunset all good except for wendy's crash in the dark descent.

Date: 23 January 2014 02:27
Subject: SMS with Geof Blance

Done.. 2.07. Geof

From: Oliver Ollie Hutchison <>
Date: 23 January 2014 03:46
Subject: SMS with Oliver Ollie Hutchison

GSB 2014 Done and dusted...  Arrived at 3:40am :-)

Date: 23 January 2014 06:14
Subject: SMS with Al Gribble

Leaving Alex now. Hopefully the last day of epic hills.....

Date: 23 January 2014 06:19
Subject: SMS with Michael Michi Speck

Michi ranfurly last night:-)

Date: 23 January 2014 06:21
Subject: SMS with Marcus Smokey Peters

marcus ranfurly

Date: 23 January 2014 06:47
Subject: SMS with Stewart Thomas

The team has made an executive session over night to take the tough and scenic route around to ranfurly on the rail trail today. Justin Michael and Stew

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