Sunday, 26 January 2014

GSB 2014 Day 8 Photos

Another spectacular Mackenzie Country day with the sun beating down on the riders still turning over the cranks on their way to Tekapo.

Dave had mechanical issues so finished on Shelley's bike and had to retrieve Shelley after first managing a lap of  the Church of the Good Shepherd on the shore of Lake Tekapo.

Dirk and Jenny arrived just on lunchtime.

More tall tales from the back roads and tracks of the lower South Island

Debbie and Emma, still eating 2 days later

Dirk and Jenny happy to see us again. Back where it began.

Mel, Jon and Donna taking a brief break on Hakataramea Valley Road

River might be a bit strong a term here?

Keith, with time for a photo before riding well into the night to get home (literally, he is from Tekapo)

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